Proud Legal, a Legal Case Management Software, offers numerous features to its customers. One unique feature from the list is All India Free Judgements, which is like a comprehensive search option for lawyers to look for certain case-related judgements according to specific acts. All the Supreme Court cases and High Court cases on Service, Crime, Civil, Rent, etc. that have been filed since 1947 are listed and lawyers can search the judgements according to their requirement.

The advanced search software also enables lawyers to search legal texts, and other specific set of information like the head note, name of the Judge and Court, etc. for a case and has an option to search by citation or other specifics. Lawyers, in general spent a lot of time sifting through legal books and texts trying to look for the details of a specific case. Not only were they wasting a lot of precious time, but also going through unnecessary and irrelevant data in order to find something particular. This feature by Proud Legal Software puts a check on that and enables them to quickly and seamlessly search what they are looking for, thus saving time, efforts, and resources.

Take A Smarter Approach To Legal Matter Management.