Proud Legal provides you calendaring at both the individual and firm level. You can see and add all your events just at the one click of your mouse. With the easy to use calendar and reminder system, stay ahead and on top of your schedule. Get notified of all your case posting dates, meetings, appointments and events.

Proud Legal suite Calendar view lets you view all open tasks across all cases and matters. Check your colleagues workloads to stay on top of your firms’ productivity. You even have the ability to automatically generate a specific set of predetermined tasks for each new matter. With Proud Legal suite, you’ll stay on-track and never miss another to-do.

Proud Legal helps you organise your events and meetings and keeps a track of those. Proud Legal helps organising a detailed schedule for the events, consultations and more. Be it any event; be it a legal process or judicial, be that a mere birthday party of a colleague or a meeting of lawyers of a firm, Proud Legal helps you stay updated and alert about the upcoming events. Proud Legal makes sure a user never forgets an important day. The reminders can be customized depending upon the user. Proud legal above all gives an ensemble customized satiating experience to a user.

Take A Smarter Approach To Legal Matter Management.