Proud legal gives chat option also in which lawyer can chat with the expert lawyers already using the same proud legal software. You can add any topic to discuss with the same industry expert.

Proud Legal enables a lawyer to chat with industry experts, colleagues, team members, fellow lawyers and thus helps attain a dynamic flow of communication. In this profession that requires absolute alacrity and diligence, not a single text can miss your attention and thus Proud Legal helps you stay updated every time.  Be it managers, outsources, freelancers, your team or your boss, Proud Legal helps you stay connected to every one without eating in your precious time thus providing a robust backup with all the messages and texts. So now have no fear of losing on messages or information while you fly through flights attend meetings, travel to remote places or just enjoy a vacation. Proud Legal thus gives you a stress-free experience.

Take A Smarter Approach To Legal Matter Management.