Legal Calendar enables lawyers to anticipate scheduling conflicts, track important deadlines, and compare cases side by side. Keep your to-do list organized and your practice on track with Proud legal powerful legal calendar software. You can easily create, track, update and assign tasks to others. You can assign due dates and stay on top of them as deadlines approach. View your calendar directly from a daily, weekly and monthly perspective.

The app features an absolute event tracking calendar for every case so that one doesn’t miss a single detail of any event. Legal calendar helps one stay up-to-date and manage numerous cases at a time. The legal calendar helps a person track every event, assign tasks to other colleagues, remember dates and have reminders for those dates and important events, remember and bookmark important information and do much more all the while sitting at a place, using just one’s phone, tablet or computer. The legal calendar further is handy while discussing issues, listening to alibis, sitting through indictments, listening to court hearings and doing much more instantly and quickly.

Take A Smarter Approach To Legal Matter Management.