Just like billing, Proud Legal features customized invoicing in which the app generates an invoice after consultation and keeps the track of it to be helpful during the billing process. The app takes into account all of the elements and gives a bespoke invoice.

The invoicing is tapped per client and is drawn over by considering the charges involved. Customized invoicing helps alleviate the fuss associated with invoicing and tracking and keeping tabs on bills. The invoice making is different for variant clients, variant jobs, variant tasks and variant time frames. The meter and tabbing rules are inherently tucked to the app and thus no user has to face any issue with tabs or invoicing. Customized invoicing further precludes any mistakes that a human could make. This app, unlike others, is human mistake proof. One thus doesn’t have to cater to the mistakes in tallying, incorrect documentation or any faulty presumption that a human could make while drafting an invoice. Proud Legal thus makes the entire process of invoicing fool proof.

Take A Smarter Approach To Legal Matter Management.