About Proud Legal

Proud legal is a leading Cloud Based, mobile friendly, Legal Practice Management Software Platform. From our base Head quartered in New Delhi, india.We assist law firms globally, produced with advice of retired Judges of High Court and Senior lawyers. We deliver all the features that law firms need to run a successful practice.

It was year 2009, when Proud Legal Stepped into development world and it’s been 9 years now. At that time we started development of website and software for Judicial bodies like Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, Enforcement Directorate, Official Liquidator and PMLA.

Proud Legal is not just software, it is the central platform for lawyers looking to meet their clients need and run profitable and efficient practice.

About Proud Legal Complete Law Solution

Case Management

Think all your Case details in one easy to access place

With Proud Legal law solution, you never have to think twice about locating your case, case documents, messages, and contacts — everything is organized and easily accessible from any web browser or device.

Our software provides you the comprehensive case management suite and lets you manage all your documents, files, calendars tasks and related contacts with ease. You can give feedback to your clients at anytime from anywhere. Our breeze reporting lets you see the status of all your cases in just a few clicks.

Information on all of your cases and matters is accessible through a centralized database. It simply carries all your case details wherever you go.

Billing & Invoicing

State-of-the-Art Legal Billing Module

From time tracking to collecting payment and everything in between, Proud Legal simplifies an otherwise complicated process with comprehensive end-to-end billing, saving your firm precious time month after month.

Proud Legal captures all your time and billing very easily with our billing services. It lets always have the ability to work on the go and be more productive in the office. It also provides flexibility to generate awesome custom invoices.

Legal Document Management

Generates and Manage Documents instantly & Easily

Stay organized and on top of your documents with Proud Legal’s robust and easy-to-use legal document management. All the case files and documents can be uploaded and viewed securely anywhere anytime.

You can share case documents with your clients or with other company associates.

Getting all of your documents into Proud Legal is easy. Just use the upload tool to save time and upload all of your legal documents at once. Then, you can create a library and choose the files you want to share with clients or other contacts. With just one click you'll have instantaneous access to all of your firm's documents, including pleadings, memos, file notes, legal research, court orders, and more. You will never have to call your office and ask your assistant to email an important file to you again - instead, you'll have every document right at your fingertips!

Access Anywhere

Real Time Accessing Anywhere, Anytime

Proud Legal suite provides you the feasibility to run your practice efficiently from any place and on any device i.e mobile, tablet, PC. With no setup or maintenance required, Proud Legal organizes your practice in the efficient, simplest and intuitive way. Proud Legal is a next-generation cloud solution built with the highest security standards that gives you freedom to work the way you want to.

Contact Management

All your contacts organized at one place

Proud Legal law suite stores all contact information for everyone from clients to judges in one location. You can add an unlimited number of additional fields.

Events & Schedule

Legal calendaring software that keeps your whole firm on schedule

Proud Legal provides you calendaring at both the individual and firm level. You can see and add all your events just at the one click of your mouse.

With the easy to use calendar and reminder system, stay ahead and on top of your schedule.

Get notified of all your case posting dates, meetings, appointments and events.

Take A Smarter Approach To Legal Matter Management.